The Reader

I first began logging on MySpace then gravitated to which is may mainĀ  blogging home. Now I have come here for posting links to other sites. For me it is a real privilege for so many reasons. I truly love the process of writing, and to have an audience (especially one of spiritual seekers and devotees), is a real dream come true. I have many ideas of topics and also for format.

One of the readers of my bio expressed that she didn’t have such courage to share her personal story. I do understand that, yet I would like to say to all our registered users, that it is really a gift to others to get to know you in a personal way. That is also helpful for me to better speak to your needs. There is no pressure here, yet if you could share who you are in your bio, that would be inspiring for me and I think others as well.

I would like to say honestly to you that I really don’t think of myself as anything special. I am somewhat of an average or below average devotee. I have just been a practitioner (in this life) of bhakti-yoga for 37 years, which means I have seen much, and gone through many challenges that I think could be of value to those striving to take up the path or to continue on it. I have also gotten a Ph.D from the school of Hard Knocks, so I have made my share of mistakes and blunders.

At the same time you and your story are very important as well. Even though we are in a cyber world here, I think it useful to get to know each other.

So in my blogs besides trying to speak the philosophy in a relevant way, I also share myself and my struggles with you. Blogging is not so polished. I sit, and type on an inspiration, and what comes, comes. Sometimes I am “in the zone”, other times, not.

My ideal is to write from my heart to yours yours—to transfer an inspiration onto the page, and then have you read it, and be moved in some deep way. It is a way to share what I think and feel is meaningful, and to endeavor to translate that into what can be helpful to you on your journey of self exploration. I find this a fascinating idea!

If you have any topics you would like me to explore, please let me know. I am truly excited about our continual relationship here, about going deeper into our personal growth, and closer to Krishna!
a spot of tea
We are sitting down together
in a comfortable chair,
appreciating each others company
by the warmth and light of the fire,
with a warm cup of herbal tea,
relaxed without being in a rush,
to have a friendly chat
about what is truly important to us!